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Department of Science and Technical Education is one of six departments at the Faculty of Educational Studies. Established in 2002, the department aims to excel in teaching, research as well as consultancy and extension services in the areas of:

  • Agricultural Science Education
  • Home Science Education
  • Information Technology Education



Bachelor Programmes
The Bachelor of Education (Agricultural Science) and Bachelor of Education (Home Science Education) are the first programs offered by the department. Later, the department offered the Bachelor of Education (Information Technology). All programs are 4 years program with 130 credit hours.

The department also offers minor areas. The minor areas include Teaching of Living Skills, Commerce Education, Entrepreneurship Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education and Computer and Information Technology Education.

To produce competent graduates, the curriculum for the program comprises courses from the Faculty of Educational Studies and relevant courses from several faculties in UPM. The faculties are Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Faculty of Human Ecology, Faculty of Economics and Management, and Faculty of Modern Language and Communication.

The graduates of these programmes are certified to work in the Malaysian public school system.

Graduate Programme
The Department offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Master of Science (M.S.) and Master of Education (M.Ed) programmes at graduate level in the field of Vocasional and Technical Education with specializations in Agricultural Education, Home Science Education, Management in Vocational and Technical Education, Business Education, and Entrepreneurship Education. Other fields of specialization include Mathematics Education and Science Education which are offered under the programme in Pedagogy.

The Ph.D programme requires the completion of coursework and a dissertation. The Master of Education programme is a 36 credit hours coursework and a comprehensive exam. The Master of Science programme requires students to complete coursework and a thesis.



Research is one of the major activities of the department. Specific research areas pursued are Agricultural Education, Home Science Education, Vocasional and Technical Education, Teaching of Living Skills, Business Education, Commerce Education, Entrpreneurship Education, Accounting Education, Economics Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, and Computer and Information Technology Education.



Consultancy and extension services have involved various public and private sector agencies such as the Malaysian Ministry of Education, National Vocasional Training Council, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, and the National Accreditation Board.



The academic staffs in the department are trained in the specialized areas of expertise. To date the department has 35 academic staffs.


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