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Department of Language and Humanities Education is one of six departments at the Faculty of Educational Studies. Established in 2002, the department aims to excel in teaching, research as well as consultancy and extension services in the areas of:

  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
  • Teaching Malay as the First Language (PBMP)
  • Moral Education
  • Islamic Education
  • Teaching Literature in English
  • Teaching Malay Literature


Graduate Programmes
The Department offers the following programmes at graduate level:

  • PhD - TESL, PBMP, Moral Education, Curriculum and Instruction (Islamic Education)
  • MSc/MEd - TESL PBMP, Malay Literature, Moral Education Curriculum and Instruction (Islamic Education)

The PhD programme requires the completion of coursework and a dissertation. The Masters programme is a 36 credit programme and is offered through coursework and thesis (MSc), or through coursework and a comprehensive exam (MEd). Admission to the graduate programme is competitive and candidates must show ability to do graduate level work.

Bachelor Programme
The Bachelor of Education (BEd) programmes in TESL and Teaching Malay as the First Language, being the first ones of kind in the country, are well established in Malaysia.

Both the 4 years, 130 credit programmes produce graduates certified to teach in the Malaysian public school system.

The Department expects to offer a third programme, BEd Moral Education, in the near future.



Research is one of the major activities of the department. Specific research interests of staff include Teaching Literature, ESL Reading, Learner Language Corpora, Materials Development, Moral Education in Schools, Critical Thinking and the Islamic Education system. Recently completed research are The English of Malaysian School Students: A Corpus Based Study, The Effects of Extensive Reading on Language and Literary Skills, and A Theory of teaching and Learning of Gifted Children.



Consultancy and extension services have involved various public and private sector agencies such as the Malaysian Ministry of Education, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, and the National Accreditation Board. The Department also organizes The Malaysian International Conference on English Language Teaching (MICELT) every two years (



The Department is structured into four academic units.

  • TESL & Teaching Literature in English
  • Teaching Malay as the First Language & Teaching Malay Literature
  • Islamic Education
  • Moral Education

Each unit is served by dedicated instructors who are highly knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.


For further information, please contact:

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